The Streets Project



  • We believe that streets are for more than just cars.

  • We believe that every kid has the right to walk to school. And that every parent has the right to know that kid is safe.

  • We believe we’re different when we drive. That it’s easier to go fast, to catch a bit road rage, and to pay more attention to the other cars than anything else.

  • Imagine a world where streets are safe and welcoming public spaces. Where you can walk or bike somewhere faster than driving (and arrive happier). You know your neighbors and they know your kids. Where people play kickball in the street. Where you walk to the store, admire flowers in your neighbor’s garden, and stop to pet the dog two blocks down along the way.

  • It’s a healthier world. More connected. With stronger local businesses.

  • We believe that anyone should be able to get anywhere in town when they are a biker or a walker or a skateboarder (or a scooterer) just as easily as when they are a driver.

  • We believe our city is better with shared streets.

  • And we’re working to make this happen.

Demonstration Projects: